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Hursan Press and Machine Tools Co. Ltd. began to manufacture in Konya in 1976. Hursan has been become a national firm through respecting to customer satisfaction, using quality labor and material and without compromising ethics commercial understanding. It presented the 40 years experience with technology and synergy. Hursan works for 100% customer satisfaction with our experienced engineering team and RE&DE Department in respect of quality. Hursan has been exporting their machines that manufactured with CE certificate to 33 countries in 5 continent. Hursan is aware of its responsibilities arising from its being a national firm and after that it will continue to serve you in same understanding.
Keller & Vardarci Industries Ltd. established in 2004 in Izmir, Turkey, is a joint venture of two family-managed companies, KEK Egon Keller GmbH & Co, Germany and Vardarci Makina Ltd. Sti., Turkey. It’s located in Aegean Free Zone, Izmir, Turkey. Keller & Vardarci designs and manufactures cottonseed and other oilseed processing machinery worldwide; including equipment and parts for cottonseed Delinting, Linter machinery, Lint cleaners, Motes cleaning, cottonseed Bale Press machinery, Saw sharpening machinery for Delinting, cotton ginning, Seed cleaners, Dehulling & Decorticating machinery, Filter presses, Oil Presses, Cookers, Oil Press Expellers, spare parts for own manufactured machinery and for other brands etc. We supply turnkey projects for edible oil sector, as a leader company in edible oil processing machinery and equipment. Our products are being manufactured by experienced specialists, with more than 50 years manufacturer competency of two family companies. Also, we provide our clients engineering assistance, service and maintenance following the machinery installation. Some of the supplied oil plants for various seeds; in Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Tanzania, Zambia, North-Africa, Uzbekistan and Brazil. Our ongoing projects continue in Africa and Uzbekistan. Our machinery and equipment and spare parts are being sent to all around the World. Keller & Vardarci is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company and all products are CE marked.
Aksut Machinery eccentric presses are prominent among their counterparts with their high pressure and great impact resistance. No sacrifices are spared in terms of quality material and workmanship to achieve this. Aksut Machinery presses are manufactured locally. Our presses are aesthetic design. Disassembly, assembly, part replacement and spare part supply are carefully plannet in the design process. Our presses have 1 year warranty apart from usage errors. We can supply orders with all kinds of machines with various types and dimensions.
We are as a EMEKTAR MAKINA have more than 60 years experience in Turkey for providing manufacturing solutions to Turkish Industry. Since 1956 until today, offering metal cutting, machining, sheet metal processing and welding solutions in various sectors as automotive, mould making, aviation, medical and defense industry, with our experienced staff. The world of machine tools is globalized. We need to establish strong alliance to survive the hardship. We became one of the leading companies by unifying our powers, knowledge and experience with producing and importer companies. As long as we’ve known our selves, EMEKTAR MAKINA is a company that provides not only manufacturing solutions to customers but also gives confident, instils hope, and empowers its customers. EMEKTAR MAKINA proud to serve its customers with large product portfolio with unique service concept enhanced with sales and service activities. Due to daily routine and intense business life, many of investors have restricted means to follow advanced technology. The company aims to provide the state-of-the-art technology to its clients and support them with installation, commissioning and after-sales services.
As we are BIAS ENGINEERING CO., we have approx. 30 year experience about the basic facilities of engineering, for last 10 years, under the name of BIAS MACHINERY CO, we have focused on manufacturing of PRESS PRODUCTION. From day to day, we have been growing thanks to using the most distinctive & genuine technologies to be one of the well-known and successful company in this sector. With production of MULTI SERVO PRESS®, BIAS MACHINERY is to make a name for oneself as unique technology, it has been bringing the newest approach to many different sectors with respect of the other competitor’s technology. It always presents technological & innovative opportunities to the clients with higher productivity & capacity, speed & practical operation, lower energy consumption which provides to reduce the cost of products. Form the different regions of TURKEY to the different continents of the world; from EUROPE to RUSSIA, BIAS MACHINERY CO. possess wide client’s reference network.
Legend consultancy was founded more than 50 years ago with the idea of becoming the leading manufacturing consultant for small, medium, and large-scale enterprises across the globe. Today, we have grown far beyond what we could have ever imagined. We are dedicated to serving our clients, whether they are big corporations or small enterprises. As the premier consulting firm in Turkey, we are well-acquainted with the country’s wide range of vendors and suppliers. Legend consultancy has connections to the most reputable manufacturers, granting us access to resources of the highest quality. The businesses that put their trust in us deserve nothing but the best.
Koclu Pres Makine was officially established in 2007 with more than 20 years of labor and experience. In our company, eccentric press and hydraulic press machines are manufactured in many tonnage. Our solution-oriented perspective aims at perfect productions with manufacturer knowledge and experience. As Koclu Pres Makine we produce C type, D type eccentric press machine from 35 tons to 300 tons, H type eccentric press machine from 35 tons to 500 tons and C type, H type and column hydraulic press machines in the same tonnage.

Dirinler Makina Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S. was founded in 1952 in IZMIR.Now in our facilities on 23.000 spm covered and 24.000 spm total area, it is produced Eccentric Presses between 15 and 250 tons capacities with C frame, between 30 and 1000 tons capacities with H frame and Hydraulic Presses between 60-160 tons capacities with C frame, 250-1000 tons capacities with H frame.

These presses are used for stamping, cuting, bending, shallow and deep drawing, punching and forming operations. It is also produced CNC Lathe, CNC Double Column Milling Machine and PLC Controlled Drilling Machines in our factory for our customers. We give long life assurance for spare parts and service requirements. All our products are guaranteed for one year against design and manufacturing faults. It is also produced special type presses by giving the investment consultancy services to the customers. Our vision is to supply unlimited customer satisfaction to our customers. There is "PRODUCT RESPONSIBILITY INSURANCE" for our presses

In Dirinler Group,
Maksas Makina Sanayii A.S. produces Screw and Reciprocating type air compressors with "LUPAMAT" brand name and

Dirinler Döküm Sanayii A.S. produces grey iron and ductile iron products up to 15 tons per pieces with 8.000 tons annual capacity.

Eccentric Press, Hydraulic Press, Special Press, Drilling Benches, CNC Lathe Machines, CNC Gantry Milling Machine, Driver Alingment, stamping, cuting, bending, shallow,